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Corporius Html A html template for your corporate site.


Corporius html template is carefully designed UI on html and css. It is a fully resposive template which looks attractive in even mobile devices.

This documentation below will guide a beginner to develop their website.

Getting started

This part of doc will help you to quick start your project and the basic knowlegde about how the pages and works.

Whats inside the folder you created ?

Before you start to edit on the file first you should know about the folder components.


In the above figure, folders are maintained as per the content of the site. Here there are different html pages for the site plus, different folders naming css, fonts, images and js.

The folders like fonts, images and js are the folder where you keep your required fonts, images for the site and .js files needed to your project. For now we have kept all the needed fonts and js file for the site. And for images you can have the images as per your need. Remember the image size shall be according the given size.

how to use HTML ?

For the html integration you can simply edit on .html file. Like for example index.html, you can re-order the sections up and down, and you have a flexibility on re-ordering the sections.


How to use different homepage layouts?

Our template consists four unique homepage with different colors, for different color purpose they inherit different style.css files.

Layout Color Index Filename Style Filename
Default Homepage (Business layout) Blue (#1996cd) index.html style.css
Default Homepage (App layout) Orange (#e46441) index-app.html style-app.css
Default Homepage (Construction layout) Red (#f13f30) index-construction.html style-construction.css
Default Homepage (Restaurant layout) Chocolate (#b75331) index-restaurant.html style-restaurant.css
Note: If you want to change within the color codes you can replace above codes in style.css or respective style filename from above chart.

Section edit

Banner Slider

You can put the images according to the required size, have caption on it and a read-more button as per your requirement.


About section

Here you have to add you image, and mention the name and a short one word description about it.

Service Section

Here you can mention the services that your company/organization offers. It has multiple layouts.

Below image shows you to configure the section.

remember this section repeats in all the page that you are going to display. All the process are same.

Call to action

Here it is simple, you can add you background from CSS, and you can edit the text according to your requirement and button.

remember all CTA section edit are same.

Why Choose Us Section

We have designed this section with progress bar, here you can post about your stats in the percentage.


Pricing Table Section

This section as a whole shows different structured plans offered by you business.

Below is the given image, how to include.


Blog section

Here you can show your latest news and blogs.


Testimonial section

Here you can show your testimonials provided by your customers.


Client section

It is the simplest section of all. You all is to do is insert the image in the slider.

Below is the given image, how to include.