What’s new in the latest WordPress version?

The second major release from WordPress has arrived a couple of days before. It is the upgraded version of WordPress i.e the version 5.5. 

The latest release emphasizes mostly on improving the WordPress block editor along with some very new features. We have summarized some of them for you in this article.

Improved Block Editor:

The most used feature for a CMS is it’s content area and the latest release from WordPress has made some significant changes to their Block Editor. As well as the UI of the Block Editor has been changed too. 

Integrated Block Directory:

Now the WordPress provides you an option to choose from a directory of blocks if your site doesn’t have them, by suggesting you.

Block Patterns:

You can save your block settings and re-use it using this feature. Patterns are pre-configured and ready to be used.


Using lazy-loaded images, posts and pages feels a lot faster than ever before. The images get loaded before they are just about to scroll terming this process as “lazy loading“.

“Enable Auto-updates”:

Now you can enable auto update of your plugins or themes. This is a new feature introduced in this version of the plugin.

Easy Search:

Now the WordPress will automatically publish XML sitemaps for your websites which will help the search engines to discover your sites easily. This feature has been targeted to the beginners in this field as the sitemaps being an important portion of the WordPress SEO.

Beneath the surface Changes in WordPress 5.5:

The themes that use the get_custom_logo() or the_custom_logo() won’t add a link to the homepage during the display of the homepage.

Arguments among template files can be passed by the theme developers from this version and can define default terms of the custom taxonomies.

The latest version also includes the latest external libraries like SimplePie, Twemoji, phpMailer, etc.

Also, the enable auto-update option can be altered by the developers or disable it completely.

There will be 65 new dashicons.

PHP compatibility issues can be addressed more accurately now.

We hope these information are just enough for anyone new or old with the WordPress to update to the latest version. We personally are excited about the current changes made to the Block Editor and the lazy loading. 

We would love to know what you think about the latest update of the WordPress. Our comment section welcomes your thoughts.

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